Our Services

We work with individuals, institutions and organizations to cultivate the culture of civic engagement and participation, and develop innovative means to achieve inclusive, effective and meaningful public participation, centred on the people.

Through our digital platform – Civic Voices App – we support government institutions, organizations and individuals to surpass the limitations of space and time, helping scale the number of people in their diversity, to engage and be involved in public participation. We provide more opportunities in public engagement and participatory processes through Targeted Mobilization, Moderation, Documenting and reporting, Feedback management, Record keeping and archiving.

Civic Education is a critical and effective empowerment tool for promoting public participation in democratic and governance processes. It is futile to create mechanisms of engagement without having the human capacity to ensure that the desired engagement is undertaken. Civic Voices facilitate targeted, contextualized capacity building to help public officers and citizens to acquire the requisite skills, values and attitudes for effective public participation.

As a principle, public participation requires timely access to information, data, documents and other information relevant or related to policy formulation, implementation and oversight. Civic Voices employs fluid online mechanisms to facilitate public communication and access to information with the quickest and widest public outreach, building a dependable online resource centre. We process complex information into easily understandable and accessible formats. We design and deliver communication products to build awareness and push agendas, through content creation, publications, and social media, to disseminate compelling stories that drive positive change.

Complexity that comes with diversity in demography, geography and culture makes it necessary to pursue contextualized strategies, based on evidence, to bring out the best in public participation across regions and people. Civic Voices research provides research, analysis and data insights that offers actionable solutions, progressive information and alternatives to making public participation work best, for service providers and for the public.