Civic Voices

Digitalizing Public Participation in Kenya

Stay informed, involved and engaged, nice and easy, in policy and law making, through Civic Voices.

The Civic Voices Platform

The Civic Voices platform helps communities to take lead in public decision making with an accessible and inclusive citizen engagement and participation tool. By enabling quick collection management and analysis of crowdsourced contributions in public participation, Civic Voices gives you and I the power to determine decisions that affect our individual, organizational and community lives.

How It Works

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2. Get notified on new bills and policies

3. Add your voice

4. Receive feedback on your response

We help to Mobilize communities and manage public participation through Civic Voices.

Civic Voices Updater brings you everything you need to know around public participation. New information and new knowledge that will keep you on top of everything important to you, so that you are always in control.