Our mission is to help build more inclusive and equal democracies, where every voice counts, and every individual, everywhere, has the power to influence decisions that affect their lives.

Brief Introduction

At Civic Voices, we believe in a country where every voice counts, and everyone, everywhere, has the power to influence decisions that affect their lives. However, more than 90.5% of 30 million Kenyan adults are excluded from public participation. We, therefore, facilitate inclusive and meaningful public participation through the Civic Voices App. The mobile platform informs, involves and engages common citizens in policy and law-making processes, to enable you and I to take part in all levels of public participation, wherever we are.

What We Do

We work with individuals, institutions and organizations to cultivate the culture of civic engagement and participation, and develop innovative means to achieve inclusive, effective and meaningful public participation, centred on the people.

Our Approach

We partner and collaborate with government institutions, donor partners, civil society organizations, private organizations and individuals to co-design and implement the best approaches to effective civic engagement.

Our Results

We are passionately working to attaining inclusive and meaningful public participation, in our communities and countries, towards a progressive, peaceful and just


Why Civic Voices?

Most ordinary Kenyans lack access to engage with their governments, and the power to influence decisions that affect their lives, because public participation is hardly inclusive and efficient. As a result, policies fail to address their needs, favoring instead those with power and resources, thus deepening inequality.

We are working to improve decision making and service delivery, enhance democratic and good governance principles of transparency and accountability, enhance legitimacy and build mutual trust and commitment between duty bearers and citizens, and, promote inclusion and equity in public resource allocation and service delivery, to mitigate against misunderstandings and social conflicts. We purpose to enable meaningful and inclusive civic participation and engagement, to help achieve peaceful, equitable and faster development.

Help us achieve this.

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